Mehmet Toner, PhD

Dr. Mehmet Toner is Professor of Surgery (Biomedical Engineering) at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and is the founding director of the NIH BioMEMS Resource Center. Dr. Toner received his PhD from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST). Dr. Toner is a prominent researcher in numerous problem areas, including low-temperature biology and biostabilization, tissue engineering and artificial organs, and microsystems bioengineering in clinical medicine and biology.  His work has been published in over 200 peer-reviewed publications.


Martin L. Yarmush, MD, PhD

Dr. Martin L. Yarmush is the founding director of the Center for Engineering in Medicine.  Formerly, the Helen Andrus Benedict Professor of Surgery and Bioengineering at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Yarmush currently holds a Senior Lectureship in Surgery and Bioengineering at Harvard Medical School and the Professorship in Science and Engineering at Rutgers University. Dr. Yarmush received a PhD from Rockefeller University in Biophysical chemistry, an MD from Yale University and a PhD in Chemical engineering from MIT.  Dr Yarmush has authored over 400 peer-reviewed publications, mainly in the field of cellular and molecular bioengineering.