Organ Solutions offers hepatocytes for fellow academic and industry scientists. We employ 15 years of experience in hepatocyte isolation, preservation and culture to deliver the highest quality cells at the most competitive rates. Hepatic cells are isolated from human whole organs and resected tissue, as well as various animal sources.
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Fresh Hepatocytes

Organ Solutions offers fresh hepatocytes on a routine basis. Hepatocytes are isolated from rat and mouse livers and shipped in suspension or pre-plated. Fresh human hepatocytes are isolated from resected liver tissue or whole livers.  Fresh human hepatocytes are subject to availability and may be announced with short notice. Please let us know through our contact form if you'd like to be notified of a human hepatocyte isolation.


Our cryopreservation techniques have been in development for numerous years to guarantee the best quality hepatocytes after thawing. Each step of the protocol has been carefully analyzed to maintain optimal viability and cell integrity. Starting with the cryopreservation solution we use that has been optimized to consist of the right ratios of ingredients to ensure protection of cells while remaining cost effective. Our freezing protocol has been carefully executed to allow for smooth transitioning to sub-zero temperatures and our post-thaw solutions and protocols allow for great confluence and high viability cell-cultures. All cryopreserved hepatocytes are plateable quality.

NPC+ products

Hepatic stellate cells

Kuppfer cells

Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells (SECs)

HEPATOCYTE + products

HEPATOCYTE+ Cryopreserved, human, plateable
HEPATOCYTE+ Cryopreserved, rat, plateable
HEPATOCYTE+ Fresh, human, plateable
HEPATOCYTE+ Fresh, rat, plateable
HEPATOCYTE+ Fresh mouse, plateable

NPC + products

NPC + Hepatic Stellate Cells, fresh
NPC + Kuppfer Cells, fresh
NPC + SECs, fresh