Organ Solutions aims to pioneer innovation in the field of biopreservation. The company’s uniquely broad proprietary technology platform is the result of over 15 years for medical, scientific and engineering collaborations at the Massachusetts General Hospital.  Organ Solutions aims to broadly integrate its science into the fields of regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, cell and tissue transplantation as well as whole organ transplantation.

We currently offer a variety of hepatic cell products to provide researchers around the world with the high-quality materials they need. Our products benefit from our many years of experience and cutting-edge preservation technology. The shop is regularly updated with new, characterized lots of our cryopreserved HEPATOCYTE + products and we perform routine and on demand isolations for fresh cell (hepatocytes and non-parenchymal cell (NPC)) needs. 


HEPATOCYTE + products

Organ Solutions offers hepatocytes for fellow academic and industry scientists. We employ 15 years of experience in hepatocyte isolation, preservation and culture to deliver the highest quality cells at the most competitive rates. Visit the shop to view and easily order our products or send us a message to discuss custom requests.

BioPreservation Technology

Organ Solutions has ongoing efforts to advance the field of cell, tissue and organ biopreservation. Through the development of various novel, proprietary preservation techniques we aim to address challenges throughout pre-clinical and clinical research and healthcare. 

Our team

Our team of scientists, engineers and physicians has years of experience in biopreservation.